Geometrics 882

Pipeline and cable location
Wreck search
Archeological investigations
Mineral and petroleum exploration
Geological mapping
Locate buried objects
Magnetic field mapping
Geophysical research
Magnetic observatory use
Measurement of magnetic properties of rocks or ferromagnetic objects
Conductivity mapping
Gradiometer surveying
Magnetic modeling



Fastest sampling at high sensitivity
Cesium vapor technology provides highest sensitivity at 0.004 nT/aHz
Streamlined design
Convertable nose or CG tow mechanism
Flash memory stores all parameters
New echo sounder and altimeter
2700m (9000') depth rating
Easy portability and handling



Extremely high resolution Cesium Vapor performance is incorporated into small size system for professional surveys in shallow or deep water. High sensitivity and sample rates are maintained for all applications. The well proven Cesium sensor is combined with a unique new CM-221 Larmor counter and ruggedly packaged for small or large boat operation.

The G-882 is flexible for operation in small boat, shallow water surveys as well as deep tow applications (4,00 psi rating, telemetry over steel coax available to 10Km). Being small and lightweight (40lbs. net, no extra weights) it is easily deployed and operated by one person. Power may be supplied from a 24 to 30 VDC battery power or the included 110/220 VAC power supply. A rugged fiberwound fiberglass housing provides selectable orientation of the sensor and therefore maintains operations throughout the world with only small limitations as to direction of survey in equatorial regions. This shipboard end of the tow cable is attached to an included junction box or optional on-board cable for quick and simple hookup to power and output of data into any Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP computer equipped with RS-232 serial ports.