Sonographics, Inc.
Geo-technical surveys
Hazard surveys
Environmental site investigations
Geological studies
Buried object location
Search and recovery
Locate and map buried pipelines and cables
Mining and dredging surveys
Bridge and shoreline scour surveys
216 imagery here
Portable Low power requirement 20-30 dB improved SNR over conventional systems
Full Spectrum (“chirp”) Pulses

The EdgeTech 3100-P Portable Sub-Bottom Profiling System is a low cost portable sub-bottom profiler system. It uses Full Spectrum (“chirp”) pulses to create high definition image slices of sub-bottom structure below the bottom. It can be used in rivers, lakes, ponds, and in the ocean.

The EdgeTech SB-216S towfish has a frequency range from 2 - 16 kHz. This towfish uses special designed transmitters with low Q- wide band characteristics best suited for “chirp” transmissions. Two multi element line array hydro-phones are installed in the tow vehicle to reduce acoustic scattering from the sides. This results in a narrower across/along track beam pattern. A linear power amplifier is used to generate clean, harmonic free transmissions. The portable 3100-P topside case contains the amplifier and other Full Spectrum electronics. A laptop computer running EdgeTech's DISCOVER software is where the sonar data is displayed and stored. A number of industry standard thermal gray shade printers are supported.

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